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Rust Berlin and Mainmatter are excited to welcome you to a special “Rust for the web” event!

We’ll be joined again by Ryan Levick, former co-host of this meetup! Our second speaker will be Jonas Dohse and Luca Palmieri will guide through the evening.
Details about the talks will be published in the next few days.

Hang out, listen to the talks and have some drinks after the event.


SpinKube: WebAssembly and the Web by Ryan Levick (Recording)

WebAssembly has been touted as the next big thing in server-side development for many years, but it has arguably so far failed to reach the mainstream. The past 6 months, however, have started to see this status quo change. The latest developments in the WebAssembly ecosystem have made the promise of small, fast, and secure-by-default server-side workloads feel much more real and concrete. In this talk, we’ll get you caught up on the latest in the WebAssembly ecosystem with a focus on the WASI HTTP specification and SpinKube. By the end, you should have a clearer idea of how WebAssembly may change the way you architect your server-side deployments in the future.

Faster continuous integration runs for Rust by Jonas Dohse (Recording)

Rust’s reputation for long compile times is unfortunately not completely unwarranted. In our project we eventually ended up with 15 minutes to create and run a debug build. That’s way too long. Long feedback times reduce the utility of continuous integration, delay critical bug fixes and increase the stress of operating a production system.

In this talk I want to show what we did to reduce our CI run times and how effective this was. This includes an overview of factors that drive compile times and how to analyze as well as dependency caching and choice of build tools. I will also touch on test organization to improve test runtime and alternative test runners. This will also apply to local builds.

At the end of the talk you should have a good idea about how to improve build times.

Panel Talk (Recording)

Both speakers join Luca Palmieri on stage for a round of questions and and answers.

Speaker Bios

Ryan Levick
Ryan is a principal engineer at Fermyon where he works on Spin and upstream WebAssembly tooling. He is also a member of the Rust Foundation Board. In his free time he enjoys running, singing, cooking, travelling and exploring Berlin where he lives.

Jonas Dohse
Jonas is Tech Lead at SAP, supporting a team building an in-memory analytics database in Rust.

Luca Palmieri
Luca works as a Principal Engineering Consultant at Mainmatter. He has been part of the Rust community since 2018 and is best known as the author of “Zero to Production in Rust”, the go-to book for backend development in Rust.

  1. SpinKube: WebAssembly and the Web

  2. Faster continuous integration runs for Rust

  3. Panel Discussion

Location: betahaus

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23


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