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We are delighted to announce the next edition of Rust and Tell Berlin! We are greatful that GitButler is hosting us this time!


Code in Rust with RustRover by Vitaly Bragilevsky

RustRover is a Rust IDE recently launched by JetBrains. RustRover implements out-of-the-box experience and provides a lot of functionality for Rust developers. In this talk, I’ll overview the most useful as well as lesser-known RustRover features and show how to use them effectively to get your job done. Among other things, I’ll dive into the RustRover debugger and prove that it’s time to abandon the general practice to print things out while debugging your code!

Meilisearch: Rust based search engine by Prasun Joshi

In this talk, we’ll dissect Meilisearch - a search engine - to understand how to build performant systems using Rust. We’ll also see it in action by implementing a custom search engine.

The Oro Kernel Boot Protocol - a Tango with Undefined Behavior by Josh Junon

Telling an OS’s kernel about the system on which it’s running can be messy, especially when you want to decouple the kernel and the bootloader stage. He’ll talk about how he wrote “ser2mem” using procedural macros, how the kernel can “deserialize” this information using a single pointer cast, and how he pushed the boundaries of what’s considered undefined behavior in Rust.

Speaker Bios

Vitaly Bragilevsky
Vitaly Bragilevsky is a developer advocate at JetBrains, helping software developers to work with RustRover and Fleet. He spent most of his career teaching students programming languages and other topics in Computer Science and Software Development. His book “Haskell in Depth” was published by Manning Publications in 2021.

Prasun Joshi
Prasun is a Rust enthusiast and currently working as Data Engineer at GLS. Before starting data journey at GLS, Prasun has worked building products at Cisco, Freshworks and Quince in different languages like Go, Java and Kotlin. In his free time he likes to dissect open source tools and this talk is going to be one of them.

Josh Junon
Josh is a software engineer of 20+ years and the creator of the Oro Operating System project. He’s worked within the OSS community for 15 years, most of which was spent in the Node.js golden era, but switched to C/C++ about 10 years ago, and Rust about 3 years ago - the language he works with the most now. Previously, he worked at Uber, ZEIT (Vercel), and a number of other interesting companies - and just recently started with GitButler as a Senior Rust Developer.

Food & Drinks

There will be Pizza as well as drinks!

  1. Code in Rust with RustRover

  2. Meilisearch: Rust based search engine

  3. Josh Junon

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