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We are delighted to announce another edition of the Rust and Tell Berlin Meetup! This time we are hosted by Deutsche Telekom.


Slint: A GUI framework in Rust by Olivier Goffart

This presentation introduces Slint, a declarative GUI framework for desktop and embedded devices. We will briefly explain what it is and outline our motivation for creating a GUI framework while striving to establish it as a sustainable business through Open Source software.

Rust across all platforms with UniFFI by Jan-Erik Rediger

UniFFI takes your Rust code, applies some magic* and enables it to be used from Kotlin, Swift & Python. Over the past years UniFFI has grown from a small project codifying our learned best practices into a full blown “multi-language bindings generator for Rust” It gained support for a multitude of languages & async Rust and is in use by multiple projects within and outside of Mozilla. This talk shows what it can do and presents all the new features it gained in the past years.

Speaker Bios

Olivier Goffart
Olivier is the co-founder of SixtyFPS GmbH, the company behind Slint, created in 2020.

Jan-Erik Rediger
Jan-Erik is a Software & Data engineer at Mozilla, building Rust software deployed on multiple platforms since 2018.

  1. Slint: A GUI framework in Rust

  2. Rust across all platforms with UniFFI

Location: hubraum - tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom

Winterfeldtstraße 21


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