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We’re happy to share a joint event of the C++ and Rust Communities, hosted by MUC++:

On October, 13th, we have the special pleasure to welcome Lotte Steenbrink and Wouter van Ooijen to our user group.

Lotte is an Embedded Software Engineer working at Ferrous Systems who has transitioned from C to C++ to now Rust. In the past, she has worked on Industrial IoT applications, networking for constrained devices, and protocol standardization (IETF). While picking up Rust, she’s gotten involved in knurling-rs, an open source project on a mission to improve the embedded Rust development experience through better tooling. As a programmer she appreciates seemingly simple solutions to difficult problems, and as an impatient human she is fond of tools that support her in building what she needs and don’t get in the way otherwise.

Wouter is a software engineer by profession and a hardware tinkerer by passion. He got his degree in Informatics from the Delft University of Technology. He has worked on embedded systems for industry, space, and military applications. Currently he teaches at the Technical Informatics section of the Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands. His main interest is the borderline between hardware and software.

Abstract: Every programming language has its strengths. In order to better understand and use the strengths of a language, it is important to look beyond its boundaries and to learn from other programming languages. In this cross-pollination meetup, we’ll experience the strengths of both C++ and Rust when used for a simple embedded task:

“Make an LED blink”

We will discuss what these two languages could learn from each other and where these two languages can still improve for the context of embedded applications.

  1. Make an LED blink

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