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We are happy 🥳 🎉 to announce that the “Rust and Tell” online meetup for May will be on Tuesday, 25th!.


We’re now looking for more speakers for the following months. Have something to talk about, a new project you’re exploring, or a new topic you just learned? The Rust & Tell community will be delighted to hear from you. Send a message to @evanxg852000 or an email to contact@berline.rs.

“Rust and Tell“ is a monthly event to share ideas, and learn about new things in and about Rust. Meet fellow Rustaceans, share your learnings, get motivated and inspired.

Some ideas include but are not limited to: experience learning about async programming in Rust, how to implement a no-std compliant crate for use on embedded systems, or struggles with the borrow checker and how to overcome them. All ideas are welcome!

We are always looking for speakers of any level. Please either write in the comments below or message Evance Soumaoro, Scott Ling, Ryan Levick, or Bastian Gruber on Meetup if you would like to speak. Unsure about your idea? No worries, talk to us anyway! We can help you refine and improve your talk!

We usually plan 3 slots of 20 minutes each. You decide on how you want to fill this time. We are also flexible in allocating longer time if you need it; just let us know so we can make the arrangement.

“Rust and Tell“ is open to EVERYONE. From absolute beginner to experienced Rust programmers. We want to learn from your experience!

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  2. Ergonomic error handling in Rust

  3. Building a cryptocurrency derivative exchange with Rust

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