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Zoom instructions

At 19:00 follow the Zoom meeting invite: Zoom Meeting Invite. Zoom offers an in-browser video chat or you can use the client after you install it.

You will automatically be voice-muted and not be able to unmute yourself during the meetup. Please also disable your webcam. The meetup will be recorded in Zoom, everyone with enabled video will be recorded as well.

The text chat inside Zoom is available, please use that for questions to the speaker. If time allows a moderator will direct them towards the speaker after the talk.

During the breaks we will try out Zoom’s Breakout Rooms. You will be randomly assigned to a breakout room with others. Feel free to use this to talk to people in breaks. If you don’t want to, just mute yourself or leave the room. You will be brought back into the main channel before the next talk starts.

Matrix instructions

If you already have a Matrix account join the #rust-and-tell:chat.berline.rs channel (Join Channel link).

If you don’t have an account you can create one on our server.

  1. Open the Element webapp.
  2. Click “Create Account”.
  3. Choose “Advanced”.
  4. Enter this homeserver URL: https://chat.berline.rs
  5. Pick a username and a password.
    • Caveat: we currently don’t allow password resets and can’t recover them either. Remember your password!
  6. Complete the registration.
  7. Now join the #rust-and-tell:chat.berline.rs channel.

One note: We set this server up on short notice. We don’t guarantee to keep it running forever.

“Rust and Tell“ is a monthly event to share ideas, and learn about new things in and about Rust. Meet fellow Rustaceans, share your learnings, get motivated and inspired.

Some ideas include but are not limited to: experience learning about async programming in Rust, how to implement a no-std compliant crate for use on embedded systems, or struggles with the borrow checker and how to overcome them. All ideas are welcome!

To apply, please either write in the comments below or message Ryan Levick or Bastian Gruber on Meetup. If you’re unsure if your idea will be interesting, submit to us anyway! We can help you refine and improve your talk!

We will have 3 slots, with 20 minutes each. You decide on how you want to fill this time. If you want to use less, also feel free to do so. If you would like longer to speak let us know so we can see if we can arrange for it. It is open to EVERYONE. From absolute beginner to experienced Rust programmers.

  1. Implementing Fast Route Planning Algorithms in Rust

  2. Rust'N'Games

  3. To the 90s and Back: Adventures in Rust COM Programming

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