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Due to the current pandemic we’ve canceled the in-person Hack and Learn event. To switch things up a little bit we’re not holding our typical Hack’n’Learn online session this time either.

Instead we encourage you join this week’s Rust Zürich meetup.


For the second virtual Rust Zürisee Meetup, we’ll have two guests talking about security-related topics.

Christian (aka chrysn) will talk about cargo-crev: «Don’t waste time reviewing crates – make it count instead! With crev code reviews, we can mesh up our reviews to gain a level of review coverage on, and thus trust in, our dependencies that would be practically unobtainable alone. Let’s join forces to cover our whole dependency trees.»

Tony Arcieri (aka tarcieri / bascule) will talk about cargo-audit and the RustSec Advisory Database.

The talks will start at 19:30 CEST (UTC+2). Talks will be live streamed on the Rust Zurich Twitch account.

The live-chat used for questions and general discussion:

(Note: This can be joined if you already created an account on the chat.berline.rs Matrix server.)

After the talks we’ll have some virtual beers together on Jitsi.

We’re looking forward to the presentations and hope that many people will join us!

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