@ Mozilla Berlin

4 years ago the Rust community released Rust 1.0 to the world! Coincidentally it also happens that we now had over 100 Rust Berlin events since the very first Rust Hack and Learn in 2014 (yes, you read that right, the Hack and Learn started before Rust 1.0).

That’s not just one, but TWO reasons to celebrate.

We will turn our bi-weekly Hack and Learn into a small birthday celebration with drinks, food & lightning talks.

We invite you to give short lightning talks introducing your current project, how you picked up Rust, explain your favorite RFC or a small new feature that makes you excited about Rust.

Everyone is welcome. Rusties of all skill levels can meet and hack on cool Rust stuff. As always we will meet at Mozilla’s Community Space, which has space for both working and the talks. We provide drinks and this time even some food.

Never written a single line of Rust, but interested in the language? Don’t worry, a lot of us are just starting off. There are people around to get you set up and going.

Already have a project? Just hack on it or find others interested in contributing. If you have something working, you can put it on the big screen and show everyone.

Don’t have a project yet? There are lots of ideas and cool projects floating around that you can work on!

Location: Mozilla Berlin Office

Schlesische Straße 27


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  • Enter the stairway C located at the very back
  • Go up to floor 3
  • Walk through the open door

Accessibility info

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Accessible Toilet: Yes