Hello everyone!

tl;dr we’re looking for help with organising Rust Berlin events!

Since November 4th, 2014, Rust Berlin has been running meetups for Rustaceans and Rust-curious people in Berlin. With our bi-weekly Hack & Learn and a monthly Rust & Tell, we run up to 3 events a month and have way over 150 events under our belt. This makes us one of the most active and consistently running Rust users group. Rust Berlin runs infrastructure available to the global Rust community. During the pandemic, we are also one of the meeting spots for the global Rust communities.

Rust Berlin is mostly run by long-term contributors, mostly Jan-Erik Rediger, Ryan Levick, Bastian Gruber and sometimes by one of its co-founders Florian Gilcher. Any organisation group that remains the same for a long time shows signs of wear and tear: people develop a different focus in their organiser life, organisation becomes a mechanical act and sometimes, a chore. We would like to avoid this situation.

To increase the longevity and the joy of running and attending this group, we are searching for new people to join this team and take over a lot of the regular operation.

The goal is to build a large enough group that everyone is always looking forward to their turn to run an event. This applies both to the Hack & Learn and the Show & Tell.

You would join a team of experienced organisers: all of us have run multiple meetups, created, moderated and evolved spaces. We’re happy to teach you all we know and give you all support. We see organisation as a creative act and invite you also to bring your ideas to the table and support you in sharpening and executing them.

And if the above even slightly resonates, this means: we are searching you.

If you are interested, please send us an email or attend this week’s meetup.

Rust Berlin
Florian, Jan-Erik, Ryan and Bastian